Linutop release a new version of their tiny Linux PC – The Linutop 2

Linutop has released a new version of their popular tiny Linux PC, the Linutop 2.

Linutop release a new version of their tiny Linux PC - The Linutop 2

This new version, the Linutop 2 features a faster 500MHZ Geode Processor, 512MB of RAM and 1GB of Flash along with a new optional VESA mounting bracket.

The Linutop 2

Like the Linutop 1, the Linutop 2 features audio I/O, speakers, 10/100 Ethernet, and four USB 2.0 ports, with optional USB WiFi.

The Linutop 2

The Linutop 2 offers 2D graphic acceleration as well as VGA output at resolutions up to 1920 x 1440. The device is available with an optional mounting bracket that enables it be strapped onto the back of an LCD display.

The Linutop 2 comes with a modified version of the Xubuntu LiveCD version of Ubuntu Linux is stored on the new allotment of 1GB of internal flash memory, there is also productivity software, which leaves 400MB free for other software and data.

The Flash storage can be expanded up to an additional 1GB with a USB key, The Linutop 2 will go on sale for around $400.

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  • Michael Flowers

    Why pay upwards of $1000 for a Sony or a Mac built into the monitor when you can have this? Well, besides the TV function of the Sony and the “in” factor of the Mac, but seriously, for a kid or something, this would rock. Can’t beat $400.

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  • http://. Pedro Vieira

    For that price it is possible to buy a laptop in Portugal with far better specifications. The only positive aspect i notice about linutop relies on it’s dimensions.

  • itsalljustaride

    “Why pay upwards of $1000 for a Sony or a Mac built into the monitor when you can have this? ”

    Actually, it’d be more fair to compare it to the Mac Mini or the Dell Studio Hybrid (since the Linutop doesn’t come with a screen). Dell’s is only $100 more and is much nicer looking, has more storage (an actual HDD), and has a cd drive, as well as HDMI, DVI, and firewire. The Mac Mini is not as impressive as the Dell at $600, but does run the best OS in the world (imo).

    I think this Linutop is nice and all, but is more suited toward special case environments, or commercial applications where space is a real consideration. It would work well as a thin client, but not really a home computer.

  • Hosting Reviews

    That’s too slick! I want one.

  • anon

    mac os is built on linux so doesnt that mean that the linutop would have the best os in the world?

  • Ghost_BOFH

    No, Mac uses FreeBSD and proprietary failware which has been shown to have security holes (read Safari hacked in under 30 seconds).

    Ubuntu however, has no security holes, is fast, stable, secure…

    Hmmm…oh, and it’s never been hacked at a competition.

    I’d call THAT the best OS in the world. ^_^

  • David Gerard

    I have one of these – a spare someone else didn’t want.

    1GB flash is painfully small. You literally can’t update the OS out the box without removing OpenOffice. (Which is all but useless on it anyway.) Fortunately the flash is on a 2.5″ IDE connector which you can hook up anything to (bigger flash, laptop HD, etc).

    CPU is anaemic, but quite fast enough to play full-screen video in VLC.

    The box is SILENT. Completely SILENT. I use it as a household server in my bedroom. I love it a whole lot and it’s just the thing 😀