Light Up Your Life With How-To Book of Lego Guns

Ever heard of Xubor? Nope, Xubor isn’t an alien. Xubor is a guy from Germany who spends hours and hours constructing Lego guns. We’re not talking about Lego blocks shaped like guns, but real projectile firing (non-lethal) builds.

Badass Lego Guns

Xubor, who has been into Lego guns for 20 years now, just released a book under his own name Martin Hudepohl. “Badass Lego Guns: Building Instructions For 5 Lego Guns”   is available in Amazon for $18. Hudepohl/Xubor also prepared a riveting trailer that can be viewed by clicking the source link down south.

Here’s a good chunk of introductory text from the bookstore site selling the Lego Gun book:

“Badass LEGO Guns is packed with building instructions for five impressive looking “weapons” built entirely from LEGO Technic parts. In this heavily illustrated 4-color book, you learn how to use LEGO Technic pieces to build working model guns like the Warbeast, a sophisticated, fully-automatic submachine gun; Parabella, a semi-automatic pistol; Thriller, a slide action crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms; and the Magic Moth, a simple butterfly “knife” built with Technic pieces.”

Trust us, it’s the height of radness.

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