Lego Minecraft Set Detailed (video)

If you are a Lego or Minecraft fan you might remember the awesome Minecraft styled Lego kits which were being created via a partnership between Lego and “Notch” creator of Minecraft. Well now the first Lego kits has been reviewed and captured on video for all to see, and can be seen in action after the jump, thanks to The Brothers Brick website.

Minecraft Lego Kit Review

“Here’s a video review of the newly released 21102 Minecraft set, the first CUUSOO product to be released outside of Japan. You can get it starting today for $34.99 on Lego Shop at Home.”

The idea for creating Lego Minecraft kits, was first proposed on “Lego Cuusoo”, Lego’s idea crowd-sourcing site. Which once published quickly gained over 10,000 votes making it an attractive proposal for exploration.

Source: Kotaku : Brothers Brick

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