LED Pumpkin is Halloween Decorating Geek Style

With today being October 1, it is time to start thinking about Halloween decorations. For some geeks out there, a plain carved pumpkin just isn’t enough for their front porch. Some geeks with a DIY bent want something geekier like this sweet animated LED pumpkin.

The guy that made the pumpkin started with one of those foam pumpkins you can buy so it won’t rot and there is no scooping of pumpkin guts to be done. After cutting a hole in the back of the fake pumpkin, he crammed some LEDs into the front of the pumpkin in patterns that will allow multiple facial expressions.

LED Pumpkin

All those LEDs were then wired to a controller board with a power source that would change the expression. I will say the pumpkin looks kind of bad in the daylight, but at night, it looks fantastic. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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