Kinect Fusion Launching In New Kinect For Windows SDK Very Soon (video)

It has been revealed this week that Microsoft is preparing a first release of a new Kinect Fusion detailed 3-D modelling technology, within the new Kinect for Windows SDK very soon.

The Kinect Fusion technology has been designed by Microsoft to use their Kinect motion controller sensor, to create an interactive realtime 3D model of its surrounding environment. Check out the video after he jump to see it in action and the power that it going to add applications once released.

Kinect Fusion

In the video demonstration below with the Verge website, Microsoft’s Kevin Schofield explains that the $150 Kinect sensor and Kinect Fusion software can accomplish the same tasks as industrial versions of the technology that cost about $50,000.

“Kinect Fusion opens up a wide range of development possibilities – everything from gaming and augmented reality to industrial design. We’re really excited to be able to include it in a future release of the Kinect for Windows SDK.”

Source: Verge

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