Kid gets a 3DS box full of rocks for Christmas

This must have been heartbreaking for this kid. There was no 3DS in the box. Just rocks. Either Santa thought he had been a bad boy or someone pulled a scam. My money is on the latter.
3ds scam
The boy from Talladega, AL got a bunch of rocks wrapped in tissue paper. It looks like this is part of an ongoing scam where an expensive device is bought, taken out of the packaging, and replaced with objects of a similar weight before being returned to the store for a refund. When staff are busy or don’t check, the items get resold, resulting in an angry customer.

The mother, who bought the 3DS in a Walmart in Talladega, explained what happened to the store and she got a new 3DS to replace the rocks. You should check your items before you leave the store so no one gets disappointed on Christmas in the future. Poor kid.

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