JVC Kenwood Wooden Hollow Cube Vibrating Speakers Unveiled

We have featured a huge range of wireless speakers here on Geeky Gadgets over the years, but JVC Kenwood has created a very unique range they have developed and showcased at the CES 2013 exhibition in Vegas this week.

The wooden JVC Kenwood speakers are square in design and use wooden panels which are connected by dovetail joints at the corners to provide a hollow frame, and are available in 12.2 and 5.35 inch sizes.

JVC Kenwood Cube Speakers

JVC Kenwood has designed to wooden frames to reproduce sounds by vibrating, and are best at reproducing deep bass sounds, making them less likely to be used for music reproduction.

The new wooden JVC Kenwood speakers are being launched in Japan for around ¥60,000 or $680 for the smaller version with the 12.2 inch costing ¥300,000, or $3,400. JVC Kenwood is also offering a subscription service with the speakers that will stream realtime sound from microphones positioned in the mountains of Takayama and Morotsuka.

Source: Engadget : The Asahi Shimbum

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