Japan’s Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Comes With A Leather Jacket

Premium Editions always cost more than a standard edition, but Resident Evil 6’s bundle for Japan costs a crazy $1,300. This premium edition gets you Resident Evil 6, Leon’s leather jacket and four different phone cases. One designed for Leon, Chris, Luke and another random case.

For that price it seems like you should at least get some action figures too. But if you love the game enough, you will probably want to get it even at that price.

Obviously, this is for serious Resident Evil fans at that price. The jacket comes in sizes S, M, L and XL. How limited is this premium edition? Only 5,000 bundles will be available for ¥100,000 (or $1,300). You can pre-order from now until June 11.

Source Joystiq

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