iSaw USB Chainsaw was a hoax for a good cause

Most of our readers will remember the iSaw USB Chainsaw that we featured on the site on Tuesday, well as most of you probably guessed it was a hoax, people who pre-ordered it received the following email.

iSaw USB Chainsaw was a Hoax for a good cause


We love that you liked the i.Saw enough to pre-order.

Truth is, you already own a chainsaw. Your keyboard.

Help save more trees by cutting down on unnecessary printing. Download PaperCut, a free application that plays the sound of a chainsaw each time you press Ctrl-P.

Available for Mac and PC.

Thanks for the support. Help spread the buzz, if you will :)

PaperCut Team
(formerly known as i.Saw Team)”

Very clever, it certainly got everyone’s attention, you can download the free application over at PaperCut.

Gizmodo via Slippery Brick

Head on over to BBH Labs for the full story behind the project.

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  • Mel Exon

    We’re really glad you liked it. For the full story behind i.Saw and Papercut, please check out the blog post at BBH Labs if you’re interested…

    cheers and thank you to everyone for the support so far.

  • Fatgadget

    Hi Mel

    Thanks for the comment, I have updated the post with a link to BBH Labs.