Is Google TV In Trouble?

Google has big plans for its Google TV platform, their plan was to get a Google TV device into every home, either via a set top box or a Google TV enabled TV, but there are now signs that the platform may be in trouble.

The Google TV platform was released just over a month ago, with the first Google TV device, the Logitech Revue, this was quickly followed by Google TV enabled TVs from Sony.

Google TVNow Sony are offering discounts of 25 percent off their Blu-ray Google TV units, which normally doesn’t happen so soon after a products launch unless there is a lack of demand for it.

One of the major problems with Google TV, is the price of the hardware, the cheapest way to get Google TV into your living room is via a Logitech Revue set top box, this will cost you $300, compare this to Apple TV which costs $99, although the two platforms are not comparable at the moment as the Apple TV lacks many of the features of Google TV.

Another problem that Google TV has faced, is content being blocked by TV studios, many have blocked Google TV from accessing their videos which can normally be viewed on their websites.

If users are unable to view content on the Google TV that they would normally view on tehir computer, this is a problem for Google, as the whole concept of Google TV is designed to bring the web to your living room.

via Tech Crunch

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