IRS leaks tens of thousands of Social Security Numbers

This is bad news for a lot of people. The Internal Revenue Service has leaked tens of thousands of Social Security Numbers. The security failure comes from the agency failing to adequately redact sensitive details held in a new online database, listing the filings of Section 527 political organizations in a $1.5 trillion non-profit industry.
The database is supposed to be a tool for non-profits, congressional staff, citizens, and other parties to look into the funding and actions of non-profit organizations. It was discovered by Public.Resource.Org and then was reported to the US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration on July 2nd. Further documentation was also passed to senior White House and IRS officials. Access to the database by the public was revoked, to protect peoples SSNs.

Hopefully they can fix these privacy violations and get things back to normal. Think about all of the info that the IRS has on every citizen. This could have been much worse.

Source Electronista

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