iPad’s share of web traffic declines after Christmas

After looking at hundreds of millions of ad impressions on its ad network, Chitika has determined that after the Christmas holiday, the Apple iPad has seen its web share decline by 7.1 percent. Prior to Christmas, Apple’s tablet accounted for 86% of the tablet based traffic on the web.
ipad slump
That figure is down to 78.86% The Amazon Kindle Fire attracted lots of holiday shoppers, because the web share of the Kindle Fire increased 3.03 percentage points to 7.51%. The Samsung Galaxy 7 and 10 inch models rose 1.38% to grab a 4.39% web share. The Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 now have a 2.04% share of tablet-based web traffic after gaining .92% during the holidays.

The Microsoft Surface was responsible for .40% of tablet related web traffic after a .17% gain since Christmas for the Windows RT powered tablet. The BlackBerry PlayBook lost web traffic share after December 25th with the BlackBerry PlayBook which is down .02% to .68%.

Source Phone Arena

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