iPad Padcaster Case Adds DSLR Lens Support To Your Tablet (video)

If you are looking to shoot some video footage or take images with your new iPad 3 tablet, you might be interested in this new iPad Padcaster case. Which has been designed to allow you to use DSLR camera lens directly with your iPad and even stream the footage in real-time.

Using the additional Lenscaster mount Padcaster creator Josh Apter is able to mounted a Carl Zeiss lens onto the iPad providing him with a large focusing range and depth of field.

iPad Padcaster

The team over at the Verge website have already been able to have a play with the new Padcaster case, and put together a quick video which you can view below.

The iPad Padcaster is now noon sale and priced at around $199 and $79 for the Lenscaster mount. But you will need to place your order quick if you are looking to get your hands on one, as just one days after launch there is already an eight weeks of back orders waiting to be sent out.

Source: Verge

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