Intersecting Slot Car Plus Train Set Equals Geek Toy Win

If you’ve always dreamed of having your train set crossover with your slot car set, then dream no more. Hammacher Schlemmer has the perfect (and expensive) toy for you.

Model train enthusiasts can now dare their slot racing daredevil counterparts to a game of chicken without any actual injuries, not considering an bruised ego of course.

The slot cars are controlled via hand-trigger controls; those with the slickest moves will get past the train. Otherwise, your car will come crashing against the train, just like in the movies. The train can also be controlled to move forwards and backwards.

This would make a perfect addition to a docile model train set though do keep in mind that the object is to get past the train, not to send your slot car to careening from the track. A strong incentive to keep your cars intact: the $299.95 price tag.

via OhGizmo

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