iHome iDM8 Portable Speaker Is Mostly Spherical

I just mentioned that boxy iHome speaker that debuted today. If that thing was a bit too square for you, the spherical iDM8 may be a better fit. Looks like the end of the microphone to me, or maybe an old-fashioned room humidifier.


It uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to just about any device and charges via USB. It supports Bluetooth audio profile A2DP and can connect to any 3.5 mm headphone jack. That allows it to work with devices that don’t support Bluetooth.

The speaker is 3.47-inch wide x 3.07-inch high x 3.47-inch deep making it small enough to take with you on the go. This appears to be a mono speaker and also has speakerphone capability. It apparently only comes in red and sells for $59.99.

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