IDRAW Is the Ultimate Pencil Sharpener (Video)

If Apple made a pencil sharpener it would probably look like the IDRAW from designer Matt Marrocco, who describes his creation as a ‘pencil sharpener for the modern age’.

Matt has created two modern pencil sharpeners, one electric and one manual, and they are crafted from a combination of Aircraft-Grade 6061 t6 Aluminum and injection molded ABS.


The most important tool in any creative’s toolbox is the pencil and we’ve made it our goal to keep that pencil sharp so creatives can keep on creating.  By re-imagining the sharpening experience from the ground-up we were able to design something completely new, filling the unmet need for a premium, portable rechargeable pencil sharpener.


The electric IDRAW pencil sharpener can be recharged via USB, and it will be available in three colors, which include Tactical Black, Satin Silver and a limited edition gold version.


The project is being funded by Kickstarter, and it will take around $80,000 in funding to go into production, and prices for the manual IDRAW start at $25 for the black and silver versions, the gold manual IDRAW will set you back $40.


If you want the electric IDRAW, prices for the black and silver versions will start at $65, and the limited edition gold version will retail for $80.

You can also buy the two together for $90 for the black and silver version and $100 for the gold versions, you can find out more details over at Kickstarter at the link below.

Source Kickstarter

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