Huge Lightsaber Battle Breaks Out In New York City (video)

This week a huge Lightsaber battle took place between good and evil in New York’s Washington Square Park on September 24, 2011. Where nearly 1,000 people battled it out in what must be one of the biggest Lightsaber battles ever.

The event was organised by Kevin Bracken and people made a great effort by dressing up as as Jedi Masters, Sith Lords and even the odd zombie for the event. From the videos after the jump it looks like everyone who attended had a great time.

Lightsaber Battle

Kevin Bracken explains to the Gothamist website :

“Last night’s lightsaber battle was phenomenal! 500 lightsabers were reserved in advance, and easily 1000 people showed up. I am happy we can put on big family-friendly events; so many parents and kids last night. The Arch in the park made for an epic backdrop, and my favorite moment of the night was setting up an epic Braveheart-style skirmish with deafening cheers from each side.”

Source: Gizmodo : Gothamist : Image Credit ennuipoet’s flickr

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