HTC Ones S Gets 10,000 Volts Pumped Through It (Video)

HTC recently announced the new HTC Ones S, which features a unique unibody casing, and now HTC has released a video on how they create the casing for the HTC One S.

What they do is take a standard aluminum case, and then pump 10,000 volts through the casing, which would be the same as if the device was struck by lighting.


The 10,000 volts going through the HTC One S casing causes microscopic changes to the metals structure, and when the process is finished the metal is 5 time stronger than before.

Source Gizmodo


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  • sim

    Any geek worth his salt will know that volts do not go “through” anything.  Title should be “HTC One S Gets 10,000 volts applied across it”.