HTC Hero Review

The HTC hero is the first Android smartphone we have tested at Geeky Gadgets that features HTC’s Sense UI, and it was HTC’s first smartphone to feature the Sense UI, the version of Android on the HTC Hero is Android 1.5

HTC Hero review

The HTC Hero features a 3.2 inch touch sensitive HVGA LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 480, there is also a five megapixel camera which is capable of shooting still photos and recording video.

HTC Hero Review

Other specifications include a Qualcomm MSM 7200A, 528 MHz processor, a built in accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR and integrated 802.11 b/g WiFi, plus a 3.5mm audio jack.

On the front of the HTC Hero there are five buttons which provide easy access to a range of the phones functions from left to right, which include a call button, an end button which can also be used for powering off the device, plus a home button and a menu button.

htc hero review

There is also another button below these which can be used for searching and navigating backwards, plus there is a trackball which can be used for navigating through the various menus and the HTC Sense UI.

The HTC Hero comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, which is located at the top of the phone, there is also a mini USB port which can be used for charging the phone and also syncing and transferring data from your computer.

HTC Hero Review

It features a microSD card slot which can take up to 32GB microSD cards, which give you plenty of room to store everything you need.

The first thing we noticed about the HTC Hero, when we turned it on was their custom Sense UI, this is definitely one of the best users interfaces that we have seen on an Android Smartphone.

HTC Hero Review

The Sense UI is simply stunning, and a pleasure to use, it makes the Android experience so much better than some of the other Android smartphones we have tested, although the HTC Hero is almost a year old now.

htc hero review

The best thing about the HTC Sense UI is that it is highly customizable, so you are able to give your smartphone a different look and feel, and customize it to your own personal needs.

HTC Hero review

HTC Hero review

Overall the HTC Hero is a great Android smartphone, although it is a little older now and doesn’t share the same specifications as some of the newer models from HTC.

The model we tested had Google Android 1.5, the HTC Hero is due to get an update to the latest version of Android, 2.1, which should be due sometime in June 2010.

HTC Hero Review

What we loved about the HTC Hero was the Sense UI, it is really easy to use and definitely the best user interface we have seen so far on an Android smartphone.

If you are looking for an Android based smartphone, the HTC models are definitely worth a look, and some of the new ones coming out shortly have impressive specifications, combine that with the HTC Sense UI it makes for a great Android smartphone. Have a look and our article on Android vs iPhone to see which smartphone and mobile platform is best for you.

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  • Tone

    Why are you reviewing this phone now, a year after it was released?

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Tone

    Thanks for your comment.

    This is the first time we have tested one of the HTC smartphones with the Sense UI, so we thought we would publish a review on it.

  • Mark

    Many phone networks are selling these at bargain prices. I got an insane deal on a HTC Hero on T-Mobile free on a £10 a month plan with unlimited data and unlimited landline calls, 100 minutes, 100 texts.

  • Veronica

    I really appreciate this review. Credo is getting this one on it’s network as a way of appealing to the iPhone users who can’t get iPhone coverage with them. I don’t know why didn’t choose legac which I understand is a new model. Either way this seems like a good option. Thank you.

  • Shreejit

    I’m planning to buy a HTC HERO my query is the dealer told me it is possible to upgrade the Android version to 2.1 Eclair as the hardware on HERO is compatible & there has been long news about HTC releasing a OS upgrade for HERO but no confirmation till now on that from you, what i would like to know is if done so will that have any effect on the warranty or performance of the device. Or shall i just go for a HTC LEGEND I’m a bit skeptical about the UNI body causing network & wifi signal issues with Legend

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Shreejit

    HTC hasn’t officially announced the date that the Hero will get updated to Android 2.1, so it could be a little while.

    You could look at some of the newer HTC models which come with Android 2.1.

  • Edouble

    The update for the HERO for Android 2.1 is out now on Sprints and HTC’s website kids…

  • Kelley

    This is the worst phone I have ever owned I am at the sprint store getting it repaired at least once a month…. no to mention this is the fourth new on since December 2009 I have recieved that they couldn’t repair

  • KT

    Terrible phone! Lots of features, but NONE of them work right!!!! One day your picture mail won’t go through, the next facebook won’t sync, the next your contacts disappear, the next your voicemail number is not even your number…. seriously… it’s awful! Don’t buy it!

  • john

    2 sides to every story. Think the service providers are to blame for a lot of those problems (mail, sync, voicemail). I’ve had my Hero for a year now and it’s been flawless. Works perfectly apart from a bit of lag due to it’s hardware spec, but upgrade to 2.1 helped speed up. Best phone I’ve ever owned! Highly recommended.

  • AN

    I have been having a lot of lag when I use the touchscreen. Has HTC guys looked at this flaw? It almost takes 15 to 20 seconds when I try to call somebody. the screen just freezes.

  • SPS

    Dear AN:

    I have EXACTLY the same problem you are having. The lag time is significant for EVERYTHING, not only for making calls. Credo Mobile continues to tell me to reset phone to factory conditions but this has not fixed the problem.

    And the battery is the worse!

  • sarah

    I have had a HTC hero since june and have had nothing but problems with it. I have already sent it into the factory to be fixed and after over a month they sent me a brand new one. The new one i have had since the first week of october does the exact same things my first one did. The problems with this phone are manufaterers defects and my new one is now being sent in for a second time. I have been informed that the hero has been discontinued and my phone will be replaced with a motorola milestone which i am not happy about!! To anyone who is looking to buy a HTC Hero i STRONGLY suggest you look into another phone!!!!

  • Arzetta2

    Because some of us have a two year contract. It doesn’t start messing up until nearly a year.