Hitman: Absolution Contract Mode can be accessed even if you buy it pre-owned

Gaming is an expensive hobby. Buying brand new games is why. That’s why pre-owned games are sold. But in most cases you miss out on special modes by buying pre-owned. But if you were thinking about picking up Hitman: Absolution pre-owned, Square Enix has confirmed that they will be dispensing the online pass system.

This means that pre-owned game buyers can pick up Hitman: Absolution and still be able to access the game’s Contract Mode for free. In a statement Square Enix said that, “We’d actually planned to have this mode accessible via a code in the game’s box, but we really want to make it available to anybody that plays the game – so we want to take a new approach.”

Good for them. Customers who buy used games are not second class gamers.

Source Ubergizmo

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