High-end Angry Birds jewelry line launches

Maybe it is time to end this cash cow that we call Angry Birds. This latest merchandise may be finally going over the edge. Rovio is teaming up with Finnish jewelry company Primesmith, to launch a high-end, Angry Birds themed jewelry line.

Yes, it is crazy. At this point they should be called greedy birds. Their do-everything merchandising is only rivaled by George Lucas himself. The flagship piece of this new jewelry line will be “The Mighty Eagle silver ring.” It is $290 and limited to only 1,000 available.

There will also be some less expensive pendants and charms for around $50. You know, if you aren’t the kind who buys a $290 Angry Birds ring, they still want your money. It’s crazy, but I am sure they will sell a whole lot to fans.

Source Phonearena

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