Halo 4’s Campaign Mode Already Completed By One Million Gamers

Just a few days after the launch of the latest Halo 4 game which has been created by 343 Industries, they have revealed that over 1 million Halo 4 players have now completed the game’s campaign.

Not only that but 6 percent of those players have finished the game on its Legendary difficulty setting, with all million players clocking up 13.5 million hours of gameplay in the process.

Halo 4

Other interesting statistics include that during the first five days after release Halo 4 clocked up a massive 4,590,416,285 kills or 4.5 billion from players across all the games modes.

War Game is currently the most popular Halo 4 game mode with players, with 4 million gamers clocking at 16 million hours of competitive multiplayer within the same first five days after launch.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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