Half Of iPhone 5c Owners Switch From Android

The iPhone 5c was launched along with the iPhone 5s. The handset may not have been the budget iPhone that everyone had originally thought it was, but it was a bit cheaper than the iPhone 5s. Just a bit. Still, it is obvious that the handset is being adopted fairly quickly in the US, even though production of the device was cut by a lot of units because Apple wanted to focus on more iPhone 5s units instead.
But just what kind of customers buy the iPhone 5c? That’s a good question since it isn’t that much cheaper. As it turns out, Kantar has revealed that the iPhone 5c has seen a lot of adoption by former Android users who make the leap from Android and to iOS. Bad news for Android.

It looks like about half of iPhone 5c owners are owners of other brands from before, especially from Samsung and LG. The iPhone 5s saw 80% of its owners come from previous iPhone models. Maybe this means that brands like HTC and Sony have more loyal users. Whatever the reasons, this phone is popular with a percentage of the Android crowd. I wonder what it is specifically that makes them switch.

Source Ubergizmo

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