Hacker successfully ‘jailbreaks’ Google Glass

The Google Glass headset was rooted shortly after it started being issued by Google to developers. Jay Freeman, a hacker known as “Saurik” and creator of the Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, gained access to a level where he could theoretically prevent the device from being bricked by Google.
Freeman confirmed that Glass runs on Android 4.0.4, and gained access using existing exploits for that version of the mobile operating system within just a few hours.

“It took me two hours while I was having dinner with friends at the time,” said Freeman of the rooting process, “I learned how [the exploit] worked and then did the same thing on Glass… which was quite simple.”

While this could stop it from being “bricked” by Google for violating a policy, we aren’t sure what else you can do with Glass with it. Freeman says that Glass could be made to store data on the device itself or on a nearby phone connected by Bluetooth, instead of sending data to Google servers. I’m sure Google hates that since their whole way of life is all about data going through them.

Source Electronista

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