Guy Wearing Bulletproof Vest Shoots Himself In The Chest

Some people just aren’t very smart. Nature has it’s ways of weeding the dumber ones from our species. It’s called Natural Selection. It basically means that stupid people who do dumb things, as a general rule, will not be a part of our species for very long. This makes us stronger and smarter as a whole. This guy survived his stupidity. This time.

He may not be so lucky next time. That’s right, this guy actually shot himself point blank with a gun. Yes, he was wearing a bullet proof vest, but it is still an incredibly stupid thing to do. Whoever allowed this guy to have a gun should be shot themselves and then made to watch this video for 5 hours straight.

The lesson here? Don’t be a stupid human. Oh and the second lesson? Guns aren’t toys.

Source The Daily What

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