Google Tablet To Launch In July

It looks like Google is still planning on launching a Nexus tablet this year. It was first thought to be launching in May after production in April, bu now sources say that it won’t go on sale until July. The reason for the delay is because Google and Asus are trying to figure out how to manipulate the hardware so that the price can come down.

We previously thought that the new tablet would arrive for $249, but that’s not an official confirmation. The Kindle Fire is $199 and is selling great, plus there are still rumors of an iPad mini too, so they definitely want to compete and blow the lid off of sales if they can.

So getting the Nexus tablet on sale for a price below $249 seems like a must. The question is, can they do it?

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  • jurkey52

    As long as Google remembers the main eye catcher for the 7″ tablet was the spec sheet of the Memo 370T. I think the main reason for the market delay is the specs are going to be even better than first thought.[nice to think so, anyway.]