Google Nexus tablet will be quad-core, may include Jelly Bean

A “trusted source” speaking to TechnoBuffalo has confirmed many of the details for the upcoming Nexus tablet, though we still don’t know if Google’s 7” tablet is actually named “Nexus”. The source confirms that it will be built by ASUS and will be one of the hardware giveaways for Google I/O on June 27th, ahead of the July ship date.

Some reports have the tablet coming preinstalled with Jellybean, the next major version of Android, but there are conflicting reports on that. The source also confirmed that it will have a quad-core Tegra3 device, not dual-core.

Nvidia wants to bring a tablet to market under $200, so we are hoping this is it. If it was under $200 and it had Jelly Bean, this thing would be a hit for sure.

Source Phonearena

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