Google Nexus 10 Unofficial ClockworkMod Recovery Now Available

If you are ready a Google Nexus 10 owner or are thinking of purchasing one of the new Google devices, you might be interested to learn that a new unofficial custom port has been created using ClockworkMod Recovery.

Xda-developers forum member shimp208 has been able to port the ClockworkMod Recovery to the new Google Nexus 10 tablet, and there are currently two versions available for download.

Google Nexus 10

One which supports the tablets touchscreen input features, and one which requires hardware buttons such as the volume and power keys for navigation. For more information jump over to the Xda-developers forums. However be warned as of November 15th, the software hasn’t been fully tested on Google’s Nexus 10 tablet, so proceed with caution.

“While there are a lot of members who would love to help test it, most Nexus 10 tablets haven’t been delivered yet. So this is a truly untested recovery. Thus, proceed at your own risk. To help reduce the risk of potential soft bricks, shimp208 has put up a warning for users who don’t intend on testing. We’ll echo that here: Don’t flash if you don’t intend to test it. Once it has been thoroughly tested, the okay will be given and users can start flashing things all they want. For those that do want to test it, you’ll have to flash it via Fastboot, as there are no alternate methods right now.”

For more details, check out the original thread over on the Xda-developers forums.

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