Girl posts cash pile image on Facebook, house gets robbed within hours

There are a few things that you should not announce online. Don’t tell them when you are going on vacation and leaving your house unattended and just like in any city, don’t go flashing a wad of cash around. A home in Australia was robbed last week by two masked men, a few hours after an image of cash appeared on Facebook. posted by a 17-year-old girl who was helping count her grandmother’s savings.

The robbers quickly figured out where the house was located and traveled there to steal the money. The image was posted at 4pm on Thursday, May 24. By 11:30pm the two masked men arrived with a knife and wooden club. They forced their way into the house, but the girl was no longer there. A 58-year-old man, a woman of 47, and a boy of 14 were home, so the men left with only a small amount of money they found by searching the home.

The police are trying to find the thieves. Do NOT show off cash on Facebook. This could have ended with someone dead.


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