GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System

The GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System is a combination games console that will play NES games and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Games.

It features two cartridge slots one for NES games and ones for Sega Genesis games, and it has a built it switch which lets you choose 8 bit (NES) or 16 bit (Genesis) modes to play some of your favorite retro games.

GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System

Here are the specifications.

  • Game Console Plays Old Sega Genesis and NES Games
  • Two slots allow you to plug in a Genesis or NES cartridge
  • Switch chooses from NES (8 Bit) or Genesis (16 Bit) mode
  • Connects to your TV via standard composite video out
  • Stereo sound (depending on game)
  • Comes with two Genesis style controllers
  • Plays most Japanese import games
  • NTSC for USA market
  • Main console measures a compact 17cm x 15cm x 4cm high

The GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System is available for $39.99 from Think Geek.

via Coolest Gadgets