Geeky Gadgets Giveaway – Win an R2-D2 USB Hub

Its time for our weekly Geeky Gadgets Giveaway, this week you can win a cool R2-D2 USB Hub, as usual entry is free, and this is bound to look great on your desk.

geeky gadgets giveaway

How to Enter

If you want to win this cool R2-D2 USB Hub, all you have to do is subscribe to our RSS feed, and leave a comment below

(if you are already subscribed just leave a comment below).

The contest will close on Friday the 3rd of April 2009, at 5PM GMT.

The winner will be chosen at random from the comments, this contest is open to readers Worldwide.

Please make sure you put a valid email address in your comment, the winner will be contacted by email by Monday 6th April.

Update 3rd April 2009 – 1700 GMT

This contest is now closed

The Winners will be notified via email, and published on the site over the weekend.

  • john mc geown

    sweet one more try at winning

  • Fabio Caseri


  • copyrigt

    Great thing

  • Jonny M

    Looks like a nice accessory for a Star Wars/computer geek. I know he’d look good on my desk. :)

  • mark

    r2d2 rocks!!!

  • Jean

    Hi! It’s great you guys to make a contest :D I hope win the R2D2!!

  • Matt

    I’d love one of these

  • Yuval

    beep beep bepp

  • Mel

    While I have used up all my random luck in larger pursuits, there is no way to deny the charms of this little R2D2. Sign me up ^^

  • engy

    it’ll look so good on my desk !

  • andrew

    looks cool

  • l0stgam3r

    that is sweet!!!

  • tawr

    cute one.

  • Eduardo

    Trying one more time. :D

  • billy

    It will be good as long as he remembers what he’s carrying inside his rusty innards.

  • Cheryl

    This would make a great surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend!!! He is sooooo hard to shop for!

  • Mr. Waffles

    The Cleveland R2-D2 was better!

  • Joshua

    C’mon winner winner chicken dinner! Papa needs a new USB Hub. :P

  • tomaz

    would love to have one of theese in my room :D

  • Greg

    I can hardly wait till the drawing.

  • kami


  • Dylan

    You can always use another USB hub. Themed is a nice bonus.

  • Russell

    Trying my luck again! :)

  • Christian

    All your USB Hub are belong to us. :-)

  • Barry Bragg

    R2D2 is the only reason to watch the prequels.

  • Jeffrey Wisniewski

    Just what I need, something else that makes sounds to drivve the wife crazy…

  • Barbara

    very cool

  • dan

    very cool

  • jobbogamer

    Yes please!!

  • Daniel

    I could use one of these.

  • Jenny

    Hope the force is with me!

  • Don Xiong

    Wow, an R2-D2 USB Hub. Big Star Wars fan.
    Gotta Have. Go Go Geeky Gadgets!

  • Jon

    I have been needing a better looking hub for a while.

  • Jerrika

    I love R2D2… I must have it!

  • Youri

    hope to win this time :)

  • Chris Dale

    Dude, R2D2 is the best robot ever by far!

  • GoingLikeSixty

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  • Max

    Man i want one of this… it’s so cool… I must have it!

  • adry

    great usb Gadget!

  • Mark Burrows

    Have to say, this lil dude looks ACE !!!

  • John

    want level HI

  • Ms. V

    My kids would LOVE that!!!! Cool!

  • Troy

    Gotta love R2! He’s always the little helper!

  • Adval

    I want it \o/

  • Lina

    how cool is that? I already got one of those toy light swords haha.

  • Jacqui

    This would make a great accessory for my desk at work!

  • Jim Keplinger


  • david

    once more into the breach

  • Michael

    That looks like so much fun. I am a huge Star Wars dork. I hope I win.

  • Dustin

    bleep bloop bloop bleep

  • brian

    This would look sweet on my desk!

  • EvertonHero

    wooo star wars ftw!!!

  • Charlie

    Would be great to have this!

  • Mrs. Waffles

    CAN HAS!!!!!

  • James Macfadyen

    Ooh, R2D2!

  • Jordan P. M.

    cool, how tall is it? I’m hoping it can replace the big 16 inch R2-D2 phone on my cluttered desk.

  • stuart

    gd stuff
    always love the giveaways

  • Laurence

    One more entry :)

  • Scratic

    I’ll be darned. This IS the droid I’m looking for. (Seriously, we’re 40 comments in and I’m the first dork here?)

  • Matt

    Wow, this is soo cool. My macbook only has 2 USB ports and They are both being used by my external hard drive and iPod Dock. I really want to win this!

  • Jean

    Looks awesome!

  • Fernando Diaz

    Awesome…must have!

  • Boris

    Muuuuuuurpeeeeee Sluuuurpppeeeeee!!!

  • Carlos M

    This looks like a kick-ass hub. It’d be sweet if I won it :)

  • macobex

    this is very very cool. gudluck to all of us!

  • Nikki

    oooh love me some sw! :) ::crosses fingers::

  • Duane

    I’ll have one please :)

  • Eric


  • CG

    R2D2 I am your father…
    or at least I will be if I win

  • kaliy


  • Kent Lidstrom

    An absolute must have! Time to replace the “self destruct button” hub. :-)

  • peter

    It’s mine..

  • Phil

    Brilliant, keep up the good work

  • Brad

    beep boop


    owwwww… so many people wants R2D2. that will be tough.

  • Rhiannon Floyd

    Star Wars FTW!

  • Lucky

    that is really cool, i would love to get an r2d2 that actually has a use.

  • Franck

    Great !!!

    i want one !!!

  • Wiiladesuso

    Give me one please.
    I love this blog

  • Mark


  • Dyls

    Probably the best hub available! Would look good on my desk!

  • Jimmy Engström

    Beep-Beep Bleep Weeeooo

  • Miguel

    this thing is awsome

  • Slayer223

    This thing is awesome!

  • Jessica

    ooh, pick me I’m random ;o)

  • Ero

    I want it…

  • Zan

    yes please :D

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  • Deathoffleas

    Hope I win!

  • Mojjan

    I’de like one =)

  • Sam J

    looks nice

  • Paola R


  • Sammy


  • Dessie Lunsford

    I have a place picked out for it :)

  • E$

    thanks in advance for letting me win.

  • Clark Gaybeul

    very cool

    may the force be with me

  • Eric

    This looks awesome I hope I win!

  • Brady

    This I must have!

  • Joakim Johansson

    Sweet, I´m in!

  • Dan Hadley

    Do want! That’s nifty.

  • Carolyn G

    What a great giveaway. I love R2D2. Thanks.

  • Pam S

    what better than to have this little buddy to accompany you in the galaxies of the internet

  • Uni

    What a competition :D.. I wonder which country is everybody from.. :) I’m from Pakistan by the way. Love your updates generally. Keep up the great work!

  • emre

    that’s cool

  • Lazrous

    Who wouldn’t want R2?

  • dale

    awesome. just added u to my google reads.

  • Ron

    I hope I win!!
    Hope you’ll ship it here too xD

  • Justin P


  • Alanbear

    May the Force be with you….then let me win LOL.

  • Liron

    So cool.

  • Kgg

    Gimme gimme gimme! me wantee R2D2

  • ayo


  • KWN

    How can one live without it? :)

  • Cecilia

    I can haz R2-D2?

  • Heather S

    I subscribed via Google Reader! Such a cool giveaway!

  • Fatgadget

    This Contest Is Now Closed ***************************************************************