GameStop Not Happy With Nintendo Wii U Sales

By now you’ve heard about Wii U sales being disappointing. With only 64,000 units sold last month, it’ll only be just a few short weeks until we hear how bad it did in March. Now GameStop’s President Tony Bartel lets us know just how bad the console is doing in its stores.
wii u console
During GameStop’s earnings call yesterday, Bartel said the Wii U had a stronger-than-expected launch as the console initially sold out across its stores. However the after-holiday sales are a problem. Bartel says they’ve been “disappointing” over the last few months.

GameStop isn’t giving up on the console though. Bartel thinks he knows why the Wii U has been having trouble with its sales. Here’s what he had to say.

“I still think that there is tremendous opportunity from a consumer standpoint, that they do not understand the tethered tablet, the way that the gameplay worked. I think that the marketing has not broken through the level that it needs to, and in spite of efforts of our team to really talk about that, and educate consumers about that, I think that we still have an education process we need to go through. More importantly, I think where you’re really going to see Wii U take off is when there is a strong first-party title, that’s what we’ve always seen. And the fact that we really did launch without a strong first-party title, I think we’re seeing the ramifications of that today.”

What do you think? He makes some good points. Hopefully they cane take the Pii U sales and make them better.

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