Flash Dock Smartphone DSLR Camera Mount

When I first saw the  smartphone Flash-Dock DSLR Mount, I was expecting something that connected the two devices together. But unfortunately the design only allows you to secure your smartphone to the flash socket on top of your DSLR camera. Allowing you to keep it handy and easy to reach when taking photos.

Flash Dock

I can help thinking that the company behind the Flash-Dock now need to develop a bluetooth connected app or some sort link system to bind the two devices together and provide a wealth of features that seem to have been missed with this first incarnation.

However using a Eye-Fi SD cards users now have a quick and easy way to instantly send pictures directly from the DSLR to the smartphone using the Eye-Fi built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

If you think you could benefit from using the Flash-Dock in now available to purchase for $40.

Source: Chip Chick

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