Firefox 11 Ready For Download

Firefox 11 is now available for download, bringing with it a list of new features that will come in handy, especially for those migrating from another browser.

The latest Firefox is said to be more stable and also features fullscreen apps. If you’e migrating from Chrome, Firefox 11 has got you covered, offering to transfer your history, booksmarks and even cookies for seamless migration.

There are times when changing browsers may be a pain to do so with all the customisations you need to do all over again, but with Firefox 11, this shouldn’t be a concern anymore.

Firefox 11 also allows users to sync extensions between their computers.¬†For a full list of what’s changed, read here

Via: Firefox

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    That is what Firefox 11 must be like. What would interest users
    is that now they can transfer their web search history and bookmarks while
    migrating from chrome to Firefox 11.