Feddz electric cargo scooter trades the gas tank for storage space

If you are looking for an electric scooter that thinks outside of the box, check this one out. It was designed and built by Germany’s Emo-Bike. The Feddz uses an electric motor built into the hub of the wheel and that leaves a giant hole in the motorcycle’s frame.

feddzThat hole is perfect for storage. You can store tons of different things in there. As seen in the image above you can even haul a bunch of firewood home. Or groceries even. How many bikes can do that? Well, this one can. You will get 23 liters of storage that’s not hanging off the front handlebars like a giant basket. And that means hauling things is much safer. The weight stays in the center for one thing and the stuff won’t get in your way.

Two different 48-volt lithium-ion batteries are available for the Feddz. The larger option gives you up to a 68-mile range on a seven hour charge, with a top speed of around 28 mph. The Feddz starts at just under $8,400 if you need a scooter that is electric and will haul a bunch of stuff.

Source Likecool

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