Feature: 15 Cool Star Wars Gadgets

Star Wars has been around for over 30 years, and is probably the most popular film of all time.

This has meant that their have been tons of fun Star Wars related gadgets and gizmos released, so here is our round up of what we think are some of the coolest Star Wars gadgets available today.

The R2 D2 USB Hub

r2 d2 usb hub

This has to be the coolest USB hub ever, available for $69.97 from GeekStuff4U.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

lightsaber desk lamp

This Fun Star Wars lamp would look great on any geek’s desk, available for $19.99 from Think Geek. via Coolest Gadgets.

Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash Drives

star wars usb drives

A great way to store your date, with these Star Wars themed USB flash drives, available for $63 from Firebox. via Gadget Venue.

The R2 D2 Cookie Jar

r2 d2 cookie jar

Would could be more fun to store your favourite cookies in than this fun R2 D2 Cookie Jar, available for $39.99 from Amazon. via Technabob.

The Tie Fighter Webcam

tie fighter webcam

Here’s a fun Star Wars gadget to brighten up your desk, the Tie Fighter Webcam, available for $40 from Forbidden Planet. via Hardware Sphere.

The Darth Vader Wall Clock

darth vader wall clock

This would look great on any Star Wars fans wall, available for $34.99 from the Star Wars Shop. via Geek Alerts.

The Star Wars Nutcracker Set

Star Wars Nutcracker Set

The set comes with Yoda, R2 D2 and Darth Vader, they are available for $99 from Hammacher.

The R2 D2 Projection Alarm Clock

r2 d2 alarm clock

A great way to wake up in the morning with this geeky clock, available for $40 from Firebox. via Slippery Brick.

The Lightsaber FX LED Torch

lightsaber torch

Next time you have a powercut you will be able to use your trusty Lightsaber torch, available for $20 from Gadgets.co.uk via Nerd Approved.

The Darth Vader USB Hub

vader usb hub

Forget those boring USB hub’s, what you need is one of these cool Dath Vader USB hubs, available for $69.97 from Geekstuff4u. via Crunch Gear.

The Handmade Custom Lightsaber

handmade custom lightsaber

What could be cooler than your very own custom Lightsaber, available for $139.99 from Think Geek.

The Nintendo DS Star Wars Stylus

ds star wars stylus

An ideal accessory for your Nintendo DS, available for $16.99 from Amazon. via Oh Gizmo.

Mini R/C R2 D2 Action Figure

rc r2d2

Forget radio controlled cars, what you need is your very own radio controlled R2D2, available for $29.99 from Think Geek.

The Star Wars MP3 Player

star wars MP3 player

This fun Star Wars MP3 player comes with 512MB of memory and is available for $80 from Forbidden Planet. via Geek Alerts.

The R2 D2 Projector

r2 d2 projector

This fun projector has a built in DVD drive, and even a Millennium Falcon remote, available for $3718 from iWoot.