Faulty HDMI on some launch PlayStation 4 units

It looks like some PS4 units have some problems. Some early PlayStation 4 owners are complaining about HDMI and display issues specifically. Some of the failures are on consoles belonging to gaming website Kotaku, and one to gaming website IGN, and several demonstration units shipped to retail stores.
ps4 brick
Taco Bell contest winner and Reddit member “Arogon” says that “When I turn on my console it just sits there pulsing blue. As far as I can tell it is supposed to turn white but it isn’t doing that. There is no signal on my TV either.”

Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo says “the first retail unit that Sony provided me failed to work when I plugged it into a TV in Kotaku’s office. A colleague and I were able to compare it to a second PS4 that did work and we found that the issue was rather simple: the bad unit had a faulty HDMI jack that we couldn’t fully plug an HDMI cable into.” It should be noted that the other four units the website have tested all worked fine.

IGN says that “ours stopped working the morning after we updated to version 1.50. IGN tried a wide variety of methods to correct the issue: like new HDMI cables, new inputs, new TV, putting a disc into the system, connecting it to and from the Internet, and holding down the power button during boot-up for seven seconds to try to reset it. Nothing worked. Oddly enough, we tried adding light pressure to the top of console and it briefly flickered a few active home menu images on the television.”

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida said that users should “Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues.” He added that “The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.” I hope so. Today is a big day for Sony. We should know soon enough if there are widespread problems or not.

Source Electronista