Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post

Nothing that we do anymore is private, especially when it comes to posting on sites like Facebook. And the information that we post can have serious consequences. We’ve all heard many stories about violence that happened because of Facebook posts. In this case, it was some poor laptop that paid the price.

A girl posted some disparaging things about her father on facebook and so the dad decided that he would teach her a lesson by shooting her laptop, not once, but nine times. The dad had been upgrading her laptop and noticed the facebook post, which consisted of the girl complaining about her life and being a disrespectful brat.

Since she had been warned already and the father had had enough, he shoot the laptop dead nine times. When you have a father in IT, you should really be careful what you post on your Facebook wall.

Source Slashgear

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  • joshoptic

    father of the year

  • Chimichanga

    Common teenage behavior… for the father. He should be ashamed of himself. That’s no way to be a parent.

  • Phil20047

    Lol, really?!?! That’s great parenting. the law prohibits spankings, this is the next best solution in place of that, take what they hold dear to them.

  • Critical Pam

     The law also prohibits threatening and intimidation with a firearm

  • Angie

    Lol I love you.Wish more parent where like you.Pay for chores in our dreams .

  • 1234678901234567889900132453

    That was not threatening or intimidation with a firearm, it was using a fire arm

  • jmw

    I have no kids…… But I totally respect whatyou did I hope all kids will see this because now that parents will see this; theywill have a differant outlook on there kids on what they do.  Maybe now they willsee things a little diffant….and appriate there parents and not disrepect them. YOU AS A FATHER TAUGHT HER A PERFECT LESSON  WITHOUT LAYING A HAND ON HER  BUT  USING WORDS.

  • jmw

    your exactly right there living in the house to and they have to respect it just as much.

  • Bethoanywhere

    The guy can legally own a pistol,can target shoot anything he owns (he bought the laptop), can raise his child without hurting them ….go for it buddy

  • jmw

    yes he is

  • jmw

    right on

  • jane adams

    It“s about time parents stand up to there smart mouthed kids who want everything but never give nothing in return.if i had talked to my mom or dad like that id be picking my teeth up off the floor,i dont mean child abuse either just respect,one trip to the wood shed back then and you would never talk back like that,kids have no respect for there parents any more.YOU GO DAD !!!!!!

  • Kinsleykswmn

    way to go dad.