Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Synchronisation On iOS Devices

Facebook has this week started testing a new service which allows iOS device owners to automatically sync photographs from their devices. Enabling you to easily then share your synced photos on your timeline from your desktop or mobile device.

Once you have enabled photo syncing on your iOS device, your mobile photos will be saved to a private section within your Facebook Photos, from where you can decide on how you would like to share them with others, via either post or private message.

Facebook Photo Syncing

Once your Facebook photographs have automatically synchronised, only you can see the photos which have been uploaded from your phone to your Facebook account. Facebook explains a little more about their new service:

“We generally try to sync your photos as soon as you take them. However, we also take into account a number of factors, such as your battery level and sync settings. New photos that you take will be privately synced as you take them. In your syncing settings, you can choose to sync over Wi-Fi and your cellular network, sync or over Wi-Fi only, or turn syncing off entirely. You can also choose to sync all photos in your camera roll over wifi and see how much storage space you have available.”

For more information on the new Facebook Photo syncing service, jump over to the Facebook help centre website.

Source: Gizmodo :  TechCrunch : Facebook

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