Eobot Concept Watch

A new watch called the Eobot is currently taking votes over on the Tokyoflash website, hoping to become reality and make it to production. The concept drawn below resembles a robot in shape and has a robotic red eye similar to the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica, which moves back and forth.

To tell the time on the watch the coloured lights are used to display hours and minutes. The first 4 vertical rows of lights indicate the 4-digit time and date and in each row one of the lights is illuminated in either green or blue.

Eobot Watch

A blue light indicates an even digit and a green light indicates an odd digit. The top lights in each row represents either 0 or 1, the second one down 2 or 3, the third one down 4 or 5, the fourth one down 6 or 7 and the fifth one down 8 or 9. See the diagram below.

If you feel the concept Eobot Watch should make the jump to production, visit the Tokyoflash website to make your vote count. The design was submitted by Lloyd from Australia.


Source: Ubergizmo : Tokyoflash

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