Eagle Yacht Concept Is A Sports Car On Water

Though the word ‘yacht’ still inspires images of quaint sailing vessels for stuffy rich people whose idea of roughing it is a few days at sea without cold champagne, designer Darko Markovic has stripped away the usual stereotypes on his new creation, the Eagle Yacht.

Talk about a perfect balance of luxury taste and artful engineering. We imagine Poseidon himself going green with envy if this thing ever skims across the Mediterannean.

To be honest here we aren’t too keen on the name (Eagle Yacht?) but we are very keen on oggling this lovely 8 meter long machine that’s all smooth curves and eye popping contours.

A quick glimpse of this baby suggests Mr. Markovic had something along the lines of a sports car with a hull in mind–the engine compartment and plush ergonomic seating are dead giveaways. Unfortunately we’re not sure if there’s enough space up front for a couple of bikini clad females.

Females aside, since the Eagle Yacht hasn’t gone into production a rundown on its specs is pointless. However, there are several key features that its designer incorporated into the machine such as Voltaic solar panels, a Kevlar exterior and enough room for a 250 KW Direct Drive Jet propulsion System.

In that far fetched fantasy world where we have a few million of the green stuff to spare, the Eagle Yacht would be a welcome addition to our aqua garage. Judging by the concept art, Darkovic envisions three color schemes for this beaut.

You have white, metallic silver and Ferrari red. We prefer red.

Via Yanko Design

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