DIY Auto PC Case Cooling Vent Mod (video)

If you have built a huge gaming rig or something packed with the latest graphics cards and processors. Heat is always going to be a consideration when buying fans or opting for water-cooling.

However Truly Epic Casemods have created a fantastic case modification using a off-the-shelf fan controller. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto Fins Case Cooling

Using one off-the-shelf fan controller, servo motor and Arduino board, plus some water-cut styrene parts user SXRguyinMA outfitted his NZXT Tempest Evo case with a auto vent cooling system.

Once the temperature is detect above a certain temperature the vents open and close to let out heat. It also has a pair of super capacitors fitted that can store enough power to close the vents even if power is lost.

Via Engadget Via Hack A Day

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