Diablo III Release Date May 15th Confirms Blizzard

There have been a number of rumours circulating that the launch date for the new Diablo III game currently under development by Blizzard would be arriving sometime in April.

However this morning Blizzard has laid all launch date rumours to rest, announcing that their highly anticipated Diablo III release date will be May 15th 2012.

Diablo III Release Date

Lets hope Blizzard can now stick to this release date and finally roll out their new Diablo III game. Unfortunately though as we reported earlier in the week the new Diablo III will not be shipping with the PvP modes available, many gamers were looking forward to playing. Blizzard has announced though that the PvP modes within Diablo III will be added at a later date via a patch.

Diablo III is now available to pre-purchase, making sure you are one of the first to be ready to play when the server go live.

Source: Battle.net

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