Diablo 3?s PvP feature unlikely to become an eSport

When Diablo 3 was revealed, Blizzard also announced that they would be introducing a PvP system where players would be able to battle each other in an arena-like setting. Think about how World of Warcraft gamers can participate in the arena for various rewards. Like that.

And so many are wondering if Diablo 3’s PvP scene could become an eSport. It might have potential as a sport, but first Blizzard has to release the PvP feature. However, it looks like even when it does arrive, it doesn’t seem like it will go in that direction. Sorry for the bad news.

Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime confirmed as much during a press conference last week at the Battle.net World Championship finals in Shanghai. “There are certainly competitive things that we’ll be able to do with Diablo, and I think that at future Blizzcons we might set up different ways for people to compete at the game, but that’s very different from creating a professional tournament structure around something like that.”

Source Ubergizmo

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