Create A DIY Airsoft Gun With A Soda Bottle

Airsoft guns are fun, but maybe you find them a tad expensive. Here is a great way to make your own, using a soda bottle and just 4 cheap and parts that are easy to find. Oh and as a bonus you will be able to fire hundreds of Airsoft BBs before you need to reload.

This new DIY Airsoft machine gun can be yours for about $15 in total cost. You’ll need a plastic soda bottle, a quick release air compressor adapter, an air compressor blowgun, and a 7mm by 6-inch brake line. The only other requirement is a compressed air supply.

If you want to get a little fancier, you can always use a portable air supply too, so you can go all Rambo and move around more. It looks like a fairly simple build and the only thing that might cost you a lot of money are the BBs since it can shoot so many. Just remember that safety comes first. You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

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