Cool Mods – The One Handed Xbox 360 Controller Prototype from Ben Heck

Check out this new one handed Xbox 360 controlled from modder Ben Heck, a very clever and interesting design.

Cool Mods - The One Handed Xbox 360 Controller Protoype from Ben Heck

This is a revised version of Ben’s original one handed Xbox 360 controller, which now features a more ergonomic grip.

Cool Mods - The One Handed Xbox 360 Controller Protoype from Ben Heck

It features a swiveling trigger are, and it even has a PlayStation D-pad integrated into the controller.

This is just a prototype at the moment, so no word on whether it will go into production.

Head on over to for more details and pictures.

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  • marla

    You should also include this was made for war vets. +1 benheck. hell of a guy

  • jack

    Why do people this is ingenious? it looks ornery as hell, and it would take 10 fingers to work the analog stick on the bottom. Wonder how much time was wasted with this, and how much more awful it makes people at halo?

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    Hi Jack,
    The controller was invented so people with only hand could kick your ass at halo you fecking moron.

  • Aaron

    Stick that thing on a joysick instead of having that analog on the bottom and maby it could work.

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  • Ilija

    A person with one hand cannot beat someone with two in halo. Especially with that controller, its a great idea but it wont really work as well as a two handed one. Your thumbs on the analog work better then any other finger you place on them.

  • nice work ben

    Do people really not relize that this is for 1 HANDED PEOPLE? I mean COMON, ilija and jack how increadibly stupid and selfish do you have to be to say things like that? And for the record there is a 1 handed kid in MLG playing halo professionally.

  • SUE


  • lol

    ur supposed to but move the bottom joystick with the floor/table,you nubs..think about all the ways to use something rather than assuming its ALL done with the hand

  • alex

    save to my Bookmarks )

  • big Dave

    nobody will beat me at halo three even if somebody had three hands i would kick ass with my eyes blindfolded and playing with my left arse cheek

  • Matthew

    Jesus there are some stupid and incredibly insensitive people around.

    When you lose a limb or a sense, your body adapts. Like someone has pointed out already, there are people playing PROFESSIONALLY who only have one hand. So, ‘big Dave’, you moron, someone with one hand could kick your ass at Halo. And to the people that say “why bother making this piece of crap” – I’ll tell you. Because some people “bother” to go out to war to fight for your liberty and freedom, and unfortunately lose limbs doing so, while you shine a seat with your fat lazy ass and mock the efforts of people trying to do some good in the world, like create an invention such as this. Great job, Ben.

  • Nick

    I say this is a really great invention for people that have use of only one hand (or even those looking for some kind of alternative to playing). I’d say just get a battery cover, round out some of the edges, and start offering them in more colors. Keep up the good work, Ben.

  • Giles

    Er… What do you do with the other hand? If you have one, I mean.

  • Jenkins

    ok really? if you have another hand…. use the controller that comes with your system. or if you do wanna use this controller and have anotehr hand. why don’t you just grab something hard. and hit yourself in the head over and over for asking that question.

    but great work ben. this is amazing.

  • trevor

    What are you going to do with this controller spank your monkey and play halo 3?

  • kneecapavenger

    Lets be honest. 90% of gamers on the Xbox are either spoiled brats given everything because they threw a hissy fit. Mommy and daddy bought them the latest and greatest in gaming tech. If not them, then its an adult who worked for the purchase.

    The other 10% are girls and well raised children. Heh.

    Honestly though, they’re just hiding behind there lack of muscle and the anonymity of the internet. Pay no attention. They’re soulless.

  • chris

    this is a really good idea, but i agree getting a batter cover would be a great idea as well as rounding out the edges. you might also want to put some sort of rubber on the surface so it’s easier to grip on to and put some of the buttons closer to the edge so the fingers won’t have to reach as far to push them

  • jerome

    this is great. i have cerebral palsy and the use of only the left side of my body.. is it left handed?

  • juice

    The controller is right handed, you can tell from the pictures. Great job with the controller.

  • poopstcks

    the only fps you cou;ld play with this thing is goldeneye

  • Respect-My-Authority

    Great idea, and I respect Ben for putting so much time and effort in to it, but, is it really logical to put that analog stick on the bottom? I don’t really understand how you’d play a game with it. I’m assuming it’d work as the right analog stick, but how are you going to be moving, turning, and hold right bumper, to throw a grenade in Halo 3. I mean, I’m usually moving, and turning toward my enemy at the same time, while shooting or throwing a grenade…it seems like it’d be impossible with this. And it seems like, unless you have incredibly long fingers, you’re going to mistap A and B when you’re reaching for Y and X. Also, just a thought, is there a reverse controller for those missing the opposite hand?

  • nachodaddy

    It’s a PROTOTYPE people!

    Ergonomics and mirroring for left-handed people can be worked out later.

    I agree with an above poster that it would probably work better with a joystick rather than the little analog stick on the bottom.

    Otherwise, great idea.

  • stan iz a ninja (gamertag)

    this is a great idea well done!!

    and the analog stick on the bottom i think is to be put on a table for example and to be used like a joystick was that so hard to work out and to the little retard who can beat anyone at halo with is left arse cheek add me stan iz a ninja

    ps. any one for cod4/5 or halo3 CLAN match add me — stan iz a ninja (gamertag)

  • AssultTank

    I personally think this is an AWESOME mod. I may have use of both hands, but I know that there are people out there who don’t have that for some reason or another. This mod gives us a glimpse into Ben Heck’s character, and I like what I see. Kudos to Ben, and I hope he perfects it.

  • brad

    i doubt the analog stick is meant for the table. It’s not on a joystick because people with one hand can’t stabilize the base of one unless they play at a desk or table they can suction it too. Who plays like that?

    It is intended to be a mobile solution you can use with what’s left of a missing limb, against your body, or even against the arm of a chair or sofa.

    It makes much more sense than a full on joystick…especially if they want to play some games with friends in the same room.

  • wtfeveryone

    holy crap, these comments in response to this are proof that humanity is doomed to failure.
    all of you with nothing relevant to say, die in a f##king fire PLEASE.

  • Jose

    COol now i can play and masturbate at the same time awesome.

  • Jeremy

    I had a brain hemorrhage in 1990 and my right arm is paralyzed from it. When I came home from the hospital I wanted to play my Nintendo really bad. So I use my upper lip to press the buttons on all my controllers, besides the D-pad, and the top left buttons. I could see where the controller Ben made would come in handy, it just needs to be left handed, for me.

  • B63

    Ben Heck is pretty damn cool, coming up with this, and then actually BUILDING it! Keep up the good work!

  • Ctnkid

    are you being serious? or are you kidding, because i can’t tell