Cool Concepts – The Pea Speaker System

Check out this cool concept from designer Lu Le, the Pea Speaker.

pea speaker

The Pea speaker is a wireless speaker system with a pod and seven individual bluetooth speakers.

pea speaker system

The individual speakers or pea’s can be placed anywhere around the room, and one of them features the built in volume and other controls, which changes the other six.

Each of the individual pea’s has a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery, and they are placed in the pod, where they recharged via induction.

This is a great concept, and certainly would not look out of place in your stylish apartment.

via Yanko Design

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  • aurora

    I think what is meant is “would *not* look out of place in your stylish apartment” unless you mean to insult Yanko Design.

  • Fatgadget

    Hi Aurora

    Thanks for spotting the typo :)


  • Kate54

    Awesome! I wonder about the dimensions – easy to lose? Will the dog bring one over to play “fetch”?

  • Burgerbob

    How do you get the stereo effect if they are scattered haphazard?
    Do you just get a wide mono sound?