Cool Concepts – The One Handed Digital Camera

Check out this cool concept digital camera from designer Mikhail Stawsky.

one handed digital camera

The camera has one giant handle that rotates left or right so it can be used by either left handed or right handed people.

one handed digital camera

All of the controls including the aperture/shutter, display and trigger are alkl within a thumbs reach.

one handed digital camera

The lens, screen, viewfinder and the mode settings are all housed within the main part of the camera, the flash is also hidden in the the handle as well.

This is a great concept, I am not sure how steady it would be to use though with just one hand.

via Yanko Design

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  • barbara Thorne

    This would be great for people with the use of only one hand. I have two such members in my family and one of them is left handed due to being cerebral palsy. the other is cause he had a accident and lost the use of his left hand. I am really interested in if this camera is actual for sale and if it is where can i buy it. any information on left handed camera’s would be great.