Cool Concepts – The Flee Digital Camera

Check out this cool concept digital camera from designer Hakan Bogazpinar.

flee digital cam

The idea is that you throw the flee like a football, and as it is travelling away from you it takes photos of you.

flee digital camera

The photos are then transmitted to your mobile phone via bluetooth at various time intervals.

flee digi cam

There is a receiver unit which is plugged in to your mobile phone to decode and store the images.


This is a great concept and I bet you could take some amazing and different photos with this cool gadget.

flee digital camera

I wonder how long the camera inside the unit would last after being thrown about and landing on the ground a lot, but I am sure this is something the designer has considered.

This would be a great gadget to throw around on the beach with your friends and take some really cool photos.

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  • Ken

    Hey! It’s a cool Camera. We can use it to snap some natural event and scenery, especially an eagle-view perspective if we can throw it high above!

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  • ftr

    eagle-eye view is best done by kite camera 😉

  • Chuck

    Throw it up above the fence and get pictures of that hot Mrs Jenkins next door when she’s tanning All Natural !!

    Whoo, Hoo !!!

  • geoff

    So, there isn’t even a prototype capable of showing us what a pic would look like?

  • dave

    ok so where are the pictures FROM the flee?

  • Norris

    You could also use the grid-fins that more recent bombs have to control the flight. These look cool and can be adjusted so that the camera can be made to spin in flight, giving a way to capture entire panoramas. With a fixed lens you could make the device able to survive a thwack from a golf club, maybe a motion sensor could serve as the on/off switch, able to detect throws and stream the pictures. The grid-fins could double up as an aerial. Ideally the device is waterproof and floats.

  • dude

    Awesome teaser campaign for vaporware! I can see the photos in my imagination already. “Here is a shot of my throwing hand! And here is a shot of my right thigh. It is a little out of focus, but trust me. Here is one where you can see me clearly, though I haven’t actually thrown the camera yet in that one. Here is one of the sky. Here is one of some dirt… I think. There is just so much motion blur.” I can already hear the litany of joke comments screaming “Photoshopped!”

  • Fjool

    Why are there no photos of the results?

  • RL69

    No photos because they haven’t figured out how or when to fire the picture, so if you ask me it’s missing a remote trigger to take and store photos AND THEN download to your devise.

    “that’ll be $40 please”

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