Continuous Toppling Domino Sculpture

I’ve always enjoyed watching toppling domino world records and very occasionally setting up the odd small one from the box of dominoes  in the house when I was young. The only trouble is the hassle of setting them backup again.

Well the Ouroborus Domino sculpture rebuilds itself, so no worries about hoemany times you run it. Check out the video of the sculpture in action after the break.

The Ouroborus sculpture was cleverly created by Los Angeles artist Karl Lautman who is fascinated by this tension between what we want, and expect, a machine to do, and what the machine ‘wants’ to do. he calls this the ‘machine tension’.

Via Slippery Brick

  • mark

    That’s soo cool if only it was silent….

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  • alienpitti


    It’s really as cool as noisy!